Momma Through The Window

by Supernatural Christians

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released October 17, 2012




Supernatural Christians Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: The Last Things I Ever Smell
I walk past a hick and he glares me down
my mind shoots to a scene of him choking me out
my neck getting tighter tween the sweaty nubs of his fingers
and the aura of his axe and the air where it lingers

the last things I ever smell

will be the floral arrangements on my grave
cause we're all conscious when we decide to decay
feeling every root and every worm
and no synapses telling us that we need to squirm
and when at last there's more fed bugs than flesh
and when my bones and earth can fully mesh
I'll feel like a true human in a childlike sense
and be moving into a new confidence
passed down from millenia of rotting grandparents
no longer bound by the shackles of Hebrew myths!

in Greenville
i know they're gonna bury me
in Greenville
i know they're gonna bury me

and oh my lord it's such and exciting time
such and exciting time to be alive
cause it's the only time we'll be alive
yeah it's the only time we'll be alive
Track Name: Momma Through The Window
I got beat up everyday in home school
i guess my momma didn't think i was to cool
and she was in her sundress when she was 20
pregos and poofy hair
and she was with Lucy when she had me
I still get claustrophobic when I'm on LSD

oh momma do you remember that time that you had amnesia
couldn't remember my name so you called me 'get out of here'
and who was that man

well I was drowning in my kiddie pool your drowning in a glass
a neighbor finished mowing and fished me out just in time
he ran didn't feel like he was moving to fast
I could count the mouthfuls of water but not the number of times
you said I's totally fine
oh I'm totally fine

Well Momma I'm 10 and your 31
I'm drunk and I'm your only son
I puked in the sink and you unnessisarly held my rat tail back
and all your other children there in bio waste bags
in a landfill barge
so many stacks of black sacks

Balder than pop I was at 15
we could have been twins the way he looks so young
or maybe just brothers born within 9 months of eachother

And dad cries on his futon and I poison your beer can
you spit out the first sip
you could tell it was just a mix
of piss beer and death

Momma you've been busy with rolling joints and yelling at me
and def leopard is soaking through the rotted insulation in the walls
and the demons are creeping in my windows
Track Name: Let's Go To Heaven
This thing walks in and it's morphing into a couple of guys
before you fuckin know it, it's Jesus Christ
and it says:

"well there once was this funny little brilliant spirit
and it used to call your body it's home and
maybe it's just a broken sentiment
like sin in flesh valley to a pile of bones
or a backwards firing from a frontal lobe
that falls on deaf ears but plays into the fears
of all the hearts of the things in charge
and everyone's happy cause everyone's perfect"

Well I had some pills rattling around in a bottle in my jacket
and some silent in my stomach
didn't know how to OD back then
just how to make myself just a little bit nauseous
and a mantra
tracing the grooves of an organ used at 100% says
"I have to knock him out, I have to knock him out"

and if you believe me
o brother you're my friend
and if you leave me
well then that'll be the end
of our wonderful friendship
now many set sail and many begin
but many sink, and many fall
under the oceans canopies
and I'll remember you
just you remember me
and never will we fall together
cause never will we stand together
and forward into this promise land
we'll be there, my friend...