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This thing walks in and it's morphing into a couple of guys
before you fuckin know it, it's Jesus Christ
and it says:

"well there once was this funny little brilliant spirit
and it used to call your body it's home and
maybe it's just a broken sentiment
like sin in flesh valley to a pile of bones
or a backwards firing from a frontal lobe
that falls on deaf ears but plays into the fears
of all the hearts of the things in charge
and everyone's happy cause everyone's perfect"

Well I had some pills rattling around in a bottle in my jacket
and some silent in my stomach
didn't know how to OD back then
just how to make myself just a little bit nauseous
and a mantra
tracing the grooves of an organ used at 100% says
"I have to knock him out, I have to knock him out"

and if you believe me
o brother you're my friend
and if you leave me
well then that'll be the end
of our wonderful friendship
now many set sail and many begin
but many sink, and many fall
under the oceans canopies
and I'll remember you
just you remember me
and never will we fall together
cause never will we stand together
and forward into this promise land
we'll be there, my friend...


from Momma Through The Window, released October 17, 2012




Supernatural Christians Cincinnati, Ohio

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